Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coconut Villas

As a part of the Midlife Road Trip cast I have the opportunity to travel all over the country. I don’t normally intend to blog about the places we stay unless I have a humorous story about it.

I’ve stayed at five star resorts and at dumps that make a Motel 6 seem like a five star resort. I once stayed in a dump just outside of New Orleans that came with a complimentary crack pipe and a can of Raid.

Earlier this month our cast and crew assembled in Dunedin, FL for a planning retreat. I really wish we hadn’t stayed at the Coconut Villas because now I am spoiled. The Villas are immaculately landscaped and give the feeling of being in a tropical paradise. The Villas are located conveniently located to shopping and restaurants, yet the area isn't "touristy" at all, making the Villas perfect for work & relaxation.

I loved the wireless internet. It's not every day that you can surf the web while watching Dolphins play just a few yards from the back porch. It was also neat to have a crane (I guess it was a crane - it was a big white sea bird with along neck) walk right up to the back door. In fact, one day when we left the door open, the bird walked inside for a visit. Of course we took lots of pictures.

The only negative thing that I would have to say would be that some of the adjacent properties looked rather dumpy in comparison to the Villas. I hope our producers will book us for the Coconut Villas next time we're in the area. I am hereby awarding Coconut Villas of Dunedin the Midlife Road Trip Seal of Satisfaction.

Though we shamelessly attempt to get free products, services, accommodations and whatnot along our midlife journey, cast members only award the MLRT Seal of Satisfaction if we believe in it and LOVE it.

We’ll be glad to try anything you send us, just be advised that if we don’t like it, we won’t mention it, and if it doesn’t ROCK OUR WORLD, it won’t get our Seal of Satisfaction. Our fans know that our endorsements mean something.

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