Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vegas is ADD Paradise

I just got back from a quick weekend jaunt to Vegas.  I took my wife as sort of a valentines gift. My job was to win money and her job was to spend money.  She was a lot better at her job than I was at mine.

Though I’m not much for shopping or gambling, I still dig Vegas - it’s ADD paradise.

Check out what we were able to see, 
all within 100 yards of our hotel! 
Dead Celebrities, pictured with my lovely wife, Denise, and Austin Powers

 Honesty and integrity are important in any business. I liked this guy so I became a customer.

Not just anybody can make two-tone shoes, a white polyester suite with a blue silk shirt, and a comb-over, look cool and classy in an old school mafia kind of way. 

 A giant shiny horse. You know how ADD people are about shiny things.

Fake, wonderful, wonder of the world.

Oh, and trucks that deliver Hot Babes direct to you?  I wonder how many girls they carry in one of those trucks…..hmmmmm.  I bet they wouldn’t be so hot if they cut some air vents in the truck.


  1. You are such a good guy - thinking of those hot babes and how you can make the cooler. :-)

  2. It just seems inhumane that they would haul those poor girls around in that truck like that... Do you know if you're supposed to tip the driver? - just curious.

  3. Dang it! I, er... I mean my friend tried calling the number on the truck, but I, er... I mean my friend doesn't have an area code! Help a poor fella out!